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When it comes to jewelry, I am not like my mom. Mom has what I call "blackbird syndrom"...if it sparkles and shines she snatches it up. She might be enamored of a new piece for a while, but before long the new jewelry ends up tangled in with the rest of her hoard...and she's on to the next new piece. I, on the other hand, mostly wear jewelry that holds some signifigance for me. Unlike my teen daughter, I don't coordinate my jewelry with my outfits on a regular basis. Sure, I have some nice pieces of costume jewelry, and if it occurs to me I might actually wear it. More often than not, though, I simply forget to put it on.

But I do wear jewelry...and on a daily basis. Once I commit to a certain piece, though, I rarely (if ever) take it off. I sleep in it, shower in it...basically wear it until it falls off of my body and I lose it. Right now, I'm wearing an unusual three stone, silver ring that I got in is a daily reminder of friendship (old and new) and that any life can be reconciled with the past. I haven't taken it off in over 3 years.

When I "met" Tali in a forum thread and subsequently visited her shop, Red
Bracelet on Etsy for the first time, I felt like I'd discovered something special. The red and turquoise signature "Luckxury" bracelet made a visual impact right away, and I liked that the shop was based in Tel Aviv. I was even more intrigued after reading the shop announcement describing the meanings behind the symbols and materials that jewelry designer, Tali, uses. The underlying theme of Tali's collection is warding off the "evil eye" and bringing luck in love and life while promoting good energy and, of course, great design. Her work features amulets, like Hamsa, that she sculpts from a turquoise mixture created by her for this line. Each amulet is carved with symbols to promote joy, success and love while protecting from the eye.
Hamsa - A palm shaped amulet believed to be protection against the evil eye, believed to have originated in ancient practices associated with the Phoenicans of Carthage. Hamsa brings good energy, health, happiness and prosperity to those who display it on their body, in their house orcar...even on the baby's stroller or crib.
Turquoise - The traditional color of Hamsa that carries energy against the evil eye...and is always in style!
Red String - According to Kabbalah wisdom, colors have specific energies and frequencies. Red is the color of danger associated with blood but is also the color of love and passion.
Garlic - The symbol of mystical powers that protect the wearer against negative energy of the evil eye and jealousy. These beliefs originated in Balkan countries where it is believed that the strong smell wards off evil demons and the evil eye.
Eye - Tradionally, the Evil Eye runs when it meets the Eye represented in jewelry or an amulet, believing it is a real eye catching her at her worst behavior. Colorful stones are set in the turqoise amulets to represent this eye of protection.

There are more than just bracelets at RedBracelet...the collection includes necklaces, anklets and pendants specially created for the baby's stroller or your favorite handbag. The cords available in string or leather and are handwoven in cream, black and brown, as well as the signature red, which is Tali's interpretation of Kaballah's traditional red string.
I asked Tali to tell me more aout herself and her Luckxury collection, and this is what she wrote:

"When I got married my grandmother (who
came a long-long time ago from Bulgaria to Israel) put GARLIC into my bra, on the morning of my wedding day! She said that it would protect me from the evil-eye and would ensure that only good energies were around me. That strong memory was on my
mind when I first created this turquoise. Turquoise is another belief of my grandmother...but that is a story for another time.
I'm so proud of the Soho Luckxury Bracelet - An Israeli celebrity (from the "Survival" TV show) loved the collection and asked me to make a special version for her. She was the first to buy and wear this model...but many more came after that. Colors are my main inspiration.
I'm a general manager at a PR agency, so I am busy all day at the office. I love my work and create, design and market my jewelry on weekends and on occasional days or evenings. My spare time is devoted to my two wonderfull children.
My daughter is 11 years old, and my son is 5 and a half. From the beginning, I wanted to sell online, but it I had lots of orders in the "real world" so it took me some time to find my way to ETSY and to learn all methods of e-marketing - as it is and also "e" for ETSY !
Recently, a TV journalist wore my pair of Hamsa necklaces on a live broadcast!
I was very proud. This is not the first time LuckXury is featured in the media – 3 months ago those necklaces were on the front page of a lifestyle magazine. I was very proud then, too! This feeling of seeing something in the newspaper, that started as an idea in my head and went through my hands to become a brand, a line, a collection that people love to wear – It is wonderful !! feels great !! I promise that the minute you wear Luckxury jewelery you feel good.
The colors, and simple, innocent amulets make everyone looks cool, unique and stylish... and if the turquoise Hamsa-hand doesn't help, well... it sure wont hurt!
I would love any comments about the collection, the pictures, well as the global concept of luck and success, amulets and talismans. I am open minded and this is important to me to hear what you think!

I am now the proud owner of the original red "Luckxury" bracelet...the one that caught my eye the first time I visited Tali's shop...and I haven't taken it off yet. I've also been "lucky" enough to gain a new friend and customer in Tali... guess the amulets really do work!


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