Madly Missing Mad

It's late and I miss my daughter, Maddi, who is in Ohio visiting relatives with my mom. I imagine she is struggling valiantly with no computer access (poor dear)...but that's a whole 'nother blog.

At any rate, without her here to protest or able to get online there, I thought this would be a great time to introduce you all to my Maddi! Sure, she'll eventually see this post, but for now we're in the clear.
Maddi is hilarious and super-smart...with an awesome sense of self and a caring heart. (Didn't mean for that to rhyme...honest!) Plus she takes out the trash, cleans the bathroom and
empties the dishwasher...whadda gal!

She has a unique sense of style and definitely dances to her own backbeat. No marching to a drum for her. If life is a potluck, Maddi always brings a side of drama! Seriously, I love the fact that she isn't a follower and takes pride in not being normal. The two of us have our own family motto:
"We might be weird, but at least we aren't boring"

Mad is also a great artist like her uncle, though thankfully not as macabre...and a wonderful poet. Maybe sometime she'll allow me to post some of her work...but at 13.5 years old, she can be private about her creative side.

She'll be top dog at middle school next year...8th grade! They've "outlawed" hugging at her school...quite an injustice for a girl who has been referred to as a Hugging Machine since she was a baby. So that is her cause celebre and she plans to effect some change in that regard. Watch out middle school, she's got a slogan..."Hugging is not a Crime!"

Happy Monday!!


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