Random Fan-dom - The First

In honor of Comfuzzled's fan page surpassing 200 fans, I thought I'd throw some fan love back out to the universe.

At least once a week, I will select one of my fans whose work (or posts) have caught my notice...and a couple random favs thrown in, too. The featured designer will not know they are the subject until I announce the blog post via my fan page. I'll definitely be keeping it random!
My first featured fan is someone who uses the power of Facebook for good...and by doing so, has inspired me to feats of Random Fan-dom. Shall we?

The Sales Faerie

The mythical "Sales Fairy" is frequently invoked on Etsy forum posts or fan page comments and her abscence often lamented. But this is one jewelry designer who has a knack for actually luring that elusive pixie...to other shops. Every time I check Facebook, Aereonyx Designs is supporting, promoting and praising her own fans. Whether drumming up fannage for a fellow Etsian's Fan Page or introducing new artists and artisans, she rarely gets around to promoting her own work. read what she says about her fellow etsians and there is no doubt that the level of customer service offered by Aereonyx Designs is absolutely stellar.

"Faerie Boutique" is the theme for Aereonyx's Etsy collection...each piece is rendered with that in mind. The designs are simple, the color combinations are stunning and each piece has just perfect touch of whimsy! For her beautiful earrings, every set of earwires is handcrafted and only the finest Swarovski crystals, Czech glass and beautiful pearls are used to complete each piece..."Semele's Swarovski Crystal Earrings" (pictured left) are a scrumptious example of this stunning work. I love the Changelings collection, which allows customer to select the
dangles for the earring and seperately order the handcrafted earwires (right) of their choice. Aereonyx Designs also welcomes custom orders.

My personal favorite, The Victorian Filigree Garnet & Czech Glass Necklace (below), features a pendant crafted of faceted lavender glass and set into a found Victorian brass filigree piece, dangling from a string of gorgeous garnets and glass beads...enchanting enough to hold sway over any passing faerie!

Take a few minutes to browse through Aereonyx.etsy.com ...leave a heart or two. Note the reasonable prices. Spend a moment with some of the descriptions, which are lush and a delight to read...the love that goes into her creations is obvious in every word. Most importantly, indulge yourself with whichever breathtaking piece happens to catches your eye.

Want to support the Sales Faerie? it pays to be an Aereonyx fan...Fan up at www.facebook.com/AereonyxDesigns. You can also follow her Blog and Twitter where she is still building her follower base.

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